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What you see at the moment is only the beginning of a great initiative! The underlying idea is to introduce commercial elements to the environment in order the create a foundation that will be able to finance, increase quality and speed up the development of Lazarus and FreePascal.

  • Creation of new high quality OpenSource libraries and development of those that are of key importance to the community.
  • Synergy of commerce and OpenSource. Maintaining the balance between the OpenSource part and the commercial part.
  • Free edition of FreeSparta for any use - open source projects and education.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Gradually increased technical support coverage for increasingly larger parts of the OpenSource code from FPC and Lazarus (the initial areas of support are the integrated environment and the Generics.* library).
  • Creation of a new dialect for the FreePascal compiler - a language on par with Delphi XE2/XE3, developed in the direction of Oxygene.
  • Permanent employment of a larger number of employees for the purpose of development of FreeSparta / Lazarus and FreePascal.
  • Founding a precise and professional documentation for FreePascal and LCL/Lazarus, similar to the one for Xamarin (in the near future).
  • Professional appearance.
  • It’s time for Sparta. :)